Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Tidbits

Random tidbits of what's going on this week and last...

Jonathon has worked on alot of freelance projects recently, and managed to take 2 weeks off of the late night work. His birthday is right around the corner and I'm sure he's looking forward to being older. HA. Outside of our everyday lives, the real excitement for him has been getting a new computer upgrade at work - an iMac with a 24" screen and all of the upgrades. He is THRILLED. You'd think he won the lottery to hear him talk about it. We have a 20" iMac at home, but 4" on a computer screen is something to rave about. Guys and their gadgets.

I picked up a virus and ran a fever on/off over the weekend, but we still had a few outdoor activities, and by Sunday I was feeling much better. This week is work as usual, with a few doctors appointments scheduled for me and the boys.

Ezra is enjoying his birthday gifts, and spent 1/3 of his money on a new pack of hotwheels cars. He's a hotwheels kid now. 100% focused on that hobby. He's teaching Jesse how to use hotwheel cars and brings them down to play with him often. Jesse loves when Ezra gets in the ball pit with him, so they do that sometimes for 30 min at a time! In school, Ezra's doing well - his favorite topic is usually physics. Electricity and Magnets really interest him in the IB class. He also enjoys music class this year - it's not just music class to sing, and play instruments; this year his teacher is really teaching about music, instruments and how they work, etc. In math right now he's working on charts, scales, graphs and range/median and mode. Monday is our conference on report card and 1st quarter review. He seems to enjoy this year more then last, and seems more challenged.

Jesse's toddler talk is coming along, the word of the week is airplane. His vocabulary is exploding, he has so many words that come out clearly, and then there are the toddler words that aren't quite perfected with consonants yet. I guess there's about 30-40 words I understand regularly. Here are a few words that you may hear him say that aren't clear and sound like babble at first, and the interpretation. We're also working on uh -oh spaghetti'o ... he has said uh-oh for months, but I started saying spaghetti'o after it recently so he has his own rendition - sounds like 'busketbio'
  • ai-cane = airplane
  • dird = bird
  • daaw = dog
  • ca = car
  • aint-u = thank you
  • bore = more
  • elt = help
  • dink or tea = drink (no, he doesn't drink tea - he hears us say it!)
  • boo = book
  • dare = bear
  • tassi = passi
  • sack = snack
  • Ez-a = Ezra
  • out sa = outside
  • orse = horse
  • ess-u = bless you
  • nana = banana
  • a'bye, a'bye - rock-a-bye (from a song)

He's moving along at his pace and loving to learn. He stays busy. We've been having playdates about 1 time a week and enjoying outdoors for the afternoon hour that we have for free/errand time daily with our schedule.

That's our amusing world for the week!


Amy said...

I like tassi the best! We have an inky (binky).

We took Baeden's binky at 9 months, but I've been more laid back about Lachlan's. When I tell him I am going to give it to the dog, he just laughs! What's even funnier is that we do not even have a dog!