Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - remembering, H1N1 and happy hour

Today would have been my brothers 42nd birthday. I laughed a little this morning, thinking of how I'd have called him and gave him hell about being old. I think today should be nationally recognized as I'm sure most anyone who's lost someone would feel. Why doesn't the entire world stop for a moment and become aware that today's the day we'd have celebrated? Anyway, I plan to make today all about pushing forward. I have the swine flu, but it isn't gonna stop me today. So - TAKE THAT PIGGY flu!!

Speaking of the flu.... I've sat around and thought about all of the ways to try to make light of this H1N1 situation at home. Even though it is, and can become, a very serious flu - I still have to smile, right?

So here's a few thoughts I've had:

Someone, quick, call a hambulance, we have a snoutbreak.
Bird flu, Swine flu, Mad Cow Disease - OMG it's Farmegeddon!
Should I go for my follow up visit wearing a pig mask?
I think I need some oinkment.
Feel like I'm gonna sneeze again, aaaachooooink!
Someone should make a movie: Pig Trouble in Little Mexico - maybe it could star Kevin Bacon

BassAckwards sidenote: My sense of humor is not intended to offend at all. I am REALLY aware of how serious the flu can be for anyone, and may have to go in for chest xrays tonight. Even the flu vaccine can be serious - some people have very strange, and life altering side effects. I just try to lighten the mood for myself, and though maybe you'd get a giggle or two as well. I hope none of you who read this blog ever get the swine flu, or any adverse reactions to the vaccine(s). I have a friend who was really blogbashed recently because of her 'sit back and laugh at it' approach to some things in her life, her sense of humor is amazing after all that she's been through!! I just want to say up front - humor is a must in my house these days, and that is why I try to see the lighter side of things as often as possible. We, in our house, know all too well how quick things can change. I'm making fun of ME, not anyone else ;-)

Lastly, I went by Steak & Shake earlier today to grab a coke. I may very well have strep throat developing along with this flu. It is a very familiar feeling right now. Rambling. So, as I'm waiting to pay for my NON diet coke (yeah, that's right, I'm a rebel) and I saw a picture of a Turtle Caramel Nut Milk Shake. YES. IT IS TRUE!!! And all of a zillion calories I'm sure. Oh man, I was drooling. So as I'm typing this I glance over at my coke cup and notice "Hand dipped happy hour, 1/2 shakes 2-4pm M-F" you bet your butt I'm going back. And YES, I'm gonna use my brother's birthday as my excuse. *selfish snort laughter*


I am Harriet said...

I had that flu a couple of months ago. It lasted forever.

Have a great day!

MommaYoung said...

For goodness sakes girl, one illness is enough especially the pig. Love your humor by the way.

Get better soon.

Brooke said...

Oh dear... I'm sorry you got the piggy fever... Atleast it's not Cat Scratch Fever muhaaa trying to be funny.. anywho..
Also can't believe what they said about Julie... I mean I can see where they are coming from but at the same time that was just mean.. If they don't like it why read it..
Hope you feel better soon..

Mama Badger said...

To quote Larry the Cable Guy, "I don't care who you are. That's just funny."

I think a little ham humor was just what the dr ordered. with a side of bacon.

WackyMummy said...

"Farmegeddon" snort! LMAO
Did you come up with this all on your own? Hilarious!
Good gosh. Okay, what was I going to say? Oh yeah. I hope to god you don't really have to apologize for your awesome sense of humor. At the very least you have Nyquil to blame (whether you use it or not). And I have a tip that just made me sail through my very recent bout of strep: oregano oil capsules and garlic oil capsules (odor not required). Seriously. They're natural antibiotics AND immune system boosters. I haven't had to take antibiotics in like 10 years, because I was told about those. Especially for colds and respiratory flu. Do it. You can thank me later.

By the way, statistically speaking... the swine flu is not as lethal as regular flu (unless you have lung problems), so go for the humor. I'll be back looking for more good jokes. =)

WackyMummy said...

By the way... MMmmmmmmm... Kevin Bacon. Slurp. ;)

AMH615 said...

I always say, it's either I laugh or cry... which do you want? ;-)

You do know the difference between the Bird Flu & Swine Flu? You get Tweetment for the Bird Flu, and as you said, Oinkment for the Swine flu.

Hope you feel better soon!!!