Monday, January 29, 2007

1st birthday party!

Jesse turned 1!!! Jesse's first birthday party was so fun! We had friends, family and lots of goodies! He did not get into the cake as I hoped, but that's ok - he's health concious at an early age :) HA.
Jesse had such a great time today, and he was in such good spirits to be surrounded by what must have seemed like chaos to him. He played, laughed, and was the star of his party. He LOVED the tissue paper with the gifts!!! He got lots of books, toys and even some $$ to spend on what he needs. But most importantly, he received lots of love from people who love him dearly. Thanks to everyone who came to his party, it means more then you'll ever know!!!

Happy Birthday, my little boy
you're growing up so fast
I wish these moments of our lives
did not so quickly pass

-- Author:Linda Price