Thursday, April 19, 2007

The tragedy at Virginia Tech has us all evaluating safety & security, and questioning whether our children's schools are safe. Whether it be daycare, elementary, middleschool, highschool, homeschool, etc. Well, for us - there was a little taste of fear yesterday, and thankfully the school was prepared, and reacted and Ezra was safe. I arrived at school as usual at the back entrance, we use the back entrance because of his classroom location, and fewer car riders are picked up there in general, the school is set up well for getting car riders in and out quickly... when I arrived, I drove past North Mecklenburg High School, it's merely a few hundred feet away from his school. You could walk there in a matter of 2 minutes. Police were lined on the street, most of the Huntersville Police Department were there, and I felt like 'something' was wrong, but it looked like business as usual as I approached Blythe Elementary where Ezra goes. It looked normal that is until I parked my car beside the same mom I usually park beside and we wait on our children. Then, we noticed that all blinds were drawn, all doors were locked down and there was NO sign of movement or life around the building except for us moms. The other mom walked up to one of the officers, who was readily standing guard of all entrances of each school, and she asked 'what is going on? why isn't the school letting out'... he told her 'mam, we have a safety issue, and all 3 schools are on mandentory lockdown, this is not a drill.' When she told me this I must say I felt nausious, thinking about V-tech, and the possibility of something scary going on inside. He did reassure her that there were no security issues INSIDE of Blythe, and that we'd be allowed to pick up our children once they secured the area. 25 min later, Ezra came out; as he was coming out, most of those police cars went flying by the school with sirens on. The below article is the reason we were on lockdown. It's a tragedy, and it really was an eye opener for me. I commend the school system for having had a security measure in place, and for keeping my child safe.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Today! Sunday April 8. 2007

Easter is today! Jesse woke around 6:30am as usual, and then Ezra was soon to follow around 7:30am. Jonathon was in bed - until around 10am. He worked until the wee hours of the morning, around 2:30am, doing freelance work. The boys enjoyed their easter treats! Jesse's basket included passy's, a peek-a-boo magnet book, some balls, and a bunny! Ezra's basket included a big Chocolate bunny and some other candys, and he also received a new football! Jonathon and I received small treats (Easter Bunny LOVES us!).
Jonathon took Ezra to see TMNT (Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles, for all you 'SLOW' people)... said it was terrific. I didn't go, I had to go pick up work today; and Jesse was not feeling well. He's growing alot of teeth right now... and possibly has an ear infection. I may end up taking him tomorrow to the doc. He's tugging at the same ear, and it's a little red. No fever though. I do have some drops they called in for me the last time he had earache type symptoms, so I am using them as a precaution!
We had our Easter dinner, and discussed the true meaning of Easter with Ezra! We didn't do traditional dinner, instead we splurged for the first time in MONTHS and had 6oz filet mignons... we NEVER eat steak - it's a huge no-no, so we just stay clear of it! It was SOOO good!
Tomorrow we're going on a family fun day outing - Jonathon has the day off, and so does Ezra! I will work at night instead of during the day as usual to make up for the time out! I can't wait to go do stuff!!!