Saturday, March 31, 2007

What's going on???

Nothing spectacular is going on really but I'll get you up to date... I've not posted on blogger in a LONG time; and yahoo group that was in use for our family didn't pan out... so here we go!!! I'm going to do my best to update this site weekly. Really, it's a journal for ME - so no pressure to read it. I'm not expecting any awards... Ezra's doing great in school and Jesse's growing like a weed...I've been really working hard with him on sign language and I see it paying off and I'm so glad that I have stuck with it! Jonathon watches the sign language tutorial and video with him daily and helps him too. He doesn't do it quite as much as I do, but he does do 'no-no' and drink sometimes with him. I'd rather show him no-no then tell him sometimes, and it works, he really does pay attention to the sing language! Ezra is learning signs too, and that's fun for him to do with Jesse - they sit and play together and Ezra will use signs for shoes, bear, cat, dog, bunny, etc. Jesse is so funny, you do the sign for book - or the video comes on to the part about book, and he grabs the Pat the Bunny book you got him. When we do shoes, or he sees the movie tutorial on shoes, he gets shoes. It's amazing. Ezra is constantly amazed that his brother can do stuff, in general. Jonathon's working hard for us; he's picked up alot of freelance work to supplement some income and help destroy debt. He's really pushing hard to get us in a much better position financially. I know the benefits from my being home with the boys far outweigh the loss of income we took from my staying home to work. Still, bills must be paid!!! So - I work from home and he works 2 jobs for us. He's a great husband, father and provider. Summer's coming quickly - and Ezra's looking forward to being out of school. We plan to have a summer of outdoor fun! Ezra will go to summercamp 1/2 of the time - we know how much he looks forward to it each year, but this year we'll likely only sign up for 1/2 or less. We're hoping to visit our texican family this summer too... haha Heather. Well, that's all for now - I'll try to update again during the week.