Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I've been really slow on posting lately, and I'm trying my best to do better! Memorial Day weekend was spent at home, hanging out, near the baby pool... we went to the lake again Saturday for a bit. We have a favorite Chinese restaurant to eat at that's close to the lake park that we enjoy, so we made an afternoon of it. Jesse and Ezra absolutely enjoy throwing rocks into the lake, Ezra tries to skip rocks - while Jesse copies Ezra by throwing them into the water to make them splash. Jesse eventually just sat down in the water on the rocky banks and just got muddy!!! He was very upset when it was time to go. He absolutely is at peace outdoors, and I'm so grateful for that!! We grilled out each night this weekend, including tonight. With race traffic, and lots of race fans who are camping, we didn't go anywhere locally, just stayed in. We live so close to the Lowes Speedway, we just opt to stay home or go out to the lake - somewhere away from the track!! Tonight Jesse and I sat on the patio tossing small rocks into the baby pool and watching Jonathon and Ezra play soccer. Jesse's getting in what looks to be 7 teeth, 3 of which are molars. So it's been a pretty touchy weekend for the little guy. He also fell this weekend and popped his eye on the corner of the coffee table, thank heavens I replaced our old coffee table with a safer wooden one w/ rounded edges or he'd have been cut!! He recovered quickly and has a small bruise, but it's definitely happening more often. He's so interested in exploring that he loses his balance!! Overall it was a nice weekend with the family! Beautiful weather, and lots of fun!!