Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lazy 5 Ranch

We spent the day at the Lazy 5 Ranch - saw some really neat animals up close, some even stuck their heads in our vehicle!! We bought some food to feed them and had a blast. Ezra seemed more eager to play at the pirate ship playground while Jesse was amazed at all of the 'cats'.... EVERY animal is a cat right now. HA!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Everything IS bigger in Texas!! ((Hotter too))

I've not posted in a while! The month has just gone by so quickly! July 4th came and went with a n'hood bang! Some of the people in our community indulged in a 'big' firework show ... of course they were not legal fireworks, but they were great to watch from our back yard! We even enjoyed them for a few days after the 4th!!

July 14 we took the boys on their first flight out of state! Both of the boys did terrific w/ airport chaos/customs/etc - flights went smooth and we had a wonderful trip! The only discouraging part was leaving our family! We miss them dearly and absolutely enjoyed our time with them!! I will upload and add a link to more pics once I organize them; but for now here's a few w/ some comments on when/where they were taken.