Sunday, December 14, 2008

dough boys

We spent the morning making salt dough, and ornaments.... some by hand, some with cookie cutters. Then we baked them, and later painted them.

You can see by the expression on his face (below), he has no interest in his hands feeling 'gooey'....but he had fun making the ornaments just the same!!

Both boys had so much fun with this, our oldest was more on a mission to make his ornaments, our youngest wanted to keep doing this over and over and over.... he played for a little over an hour with the dough.


Heather said...

I'd love to get on a plane and come get crafty with the boys. They are growing up before my eyes. Thankfully, we have technology so I can see and read about everything, but not quite the same.

The shapes really make me want to make sugar cookies for some reason. That doesn't coincide with the Christmas Crunch. =0(