Monday, February 8, 2010

been layin low

I've been laying low this past weekend. Had a strange attack of the gall bladder (pretty certain) and spent most of the weekend taking it easy and relaxing when I could. Hopefully this week I'll be back at it.
Oh, Little J decided all by himself to go from sitting to do "all potty deeds" to standing like a big man to go pee!!! Yay!!!! He also got a new bed and changed to it with no problems, and loves it!! Little man's growing too fast.
Random... I am gonna be honest and say, I did not watch the superbowl - neither of the teams really interested me, so eh. NO. I sat on my bed and watched lifetime movies and got occasional updates by looking at twitter or hearing my hubs downstairs. Instead I watched Identity Theft on LMN and related to it a bit. We have had our turn with that recently, and it sucks.
Well, that was a little random!!! Sorry about that! I just wanted to say HI to all my bloggy friends out there!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Congrats to Little J on his big man efforts. Now you have a whole new set of issues (bad aim). ;) Good luck.

I didn't even know when the superbowl was on, so I missed it too.

Take care.