Friday, March 5, 2010

10 things...

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A friend posted "10 things" that make her happy, and asked the same question of her readers... go check hers out HERE.

10 things that make me happy....

  • Friends - I love em'. They make me happy, even when I'm down... I think it's said that if you come across one true friend in life you're fortunate, and I feel like I've been a lucky lady to have found a handful!
  • Family Values/Family Traditions - We have a spectacular lil' family!
  • Sunrises - I love sitting at my kitchen table in the morning and watching the sun come up, lifts my mood instantly.
  • our lil' creek - we live near a little creek - and for whatever reason, I'm just in love with it!! I love hearing it, stopping by to see it, slowing down when we're near it. And recently, when it snowed, it just became a picture of nature to me!
  • Park Bench's - Sitting there, soaking up all of the sun, listening to my kids play and laugh, and even sneaking in a pic or two of a butterfly or squirrel...
  • Tree's - and all they represent. Not sure why this makes me "happy" but it does... tree's, just like the sun, have an amazing way of capturing my attention and just creating a feeling of peace.
  • Birds - we go to the lake alot, and see tons of birds hovering over the water front. Birds are so free and peaceful. I love watching them play!
  • Being an American - I love my country. I love everything it stands for, and believe that we as a country need to re-discover our roots, even still - I love it and love looking at our flag in the wind, and when someone sings our national anthem I get all warm and fuzzy.
  • A sleeping child, after a long day of play - Not much is more precious then that of a sweet sleeping child. (our youngest likes to sleep with a dampened baby cloth over his eyes, lol) I'm so happy when I see the peacefulness, it's like there's nothing in the world that could harm them because they're safe in your home and surrounded by your love.

Those are just 10 of the things that make me happy.....


Anonymous said...

Love your list!!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great list.