Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just mis-heard something... and maybe it's TMI for the reader who is easily embarassed... so - sorry if I offend...

What did I hear?
My husband was making himself a snack in the kitchen, while I'm on the couch working and listening to American Idol... and what I think I hear him say is:
Big E (oldest son - nearing puberty, who told me about his two zits today and how that's part of puberty) is concerned about penis hair.
I almost choked. I said "what? he told you that? are you serious? when did he mention that he was concerned about....."

What did he really say??? After we laughed at my mistake in hearing.... he ACTUALLY said...
Big E is concerned about PHOEBES hair..... {Phoebe is our dollface Persian cat, who is matted and needs a shave and grooming}

Wow - I REALLY got that wrong!


Amy said...

I meant to post a comment when I first saw this . . . I laughed so loud you could probably have heard me at your house. This is hilarious!