Saturday, January 17, 2009

what's been going on...

Not much, I've been doing some serious catching up on work after the 2 week long adventure with little J's virus. Thankfully no-one else in the house got it!! I thought I was catching it, and may have had a tiny touch of it, but it was only 2-3 days for me. Otherwise, we're fortunate we passed that one by.

A few random things from our interesting lives....because I haven't been 'into' blogging lately. (been more into taking care of the sick, catching up with my work, and my health... oh - and in my bath, reading books as often as possible - HA!)

  • I officially missed 2 of my families Christmas gatherings, because of that stupid virus, but I'm not bitter we'll make it up sometime hopefully... we did get a little time w/ my family (just E and I) I don't think the parents of 10 other small kids would have appreciated the virus.

  • little J is becoming such a little 'guy'... conversations are becoming 'conversations' and it's weird and wonderful all at the same time.

  • big E moved from a 7.5 to an 11.5 reading level in AR... this means he's reading at a grade level equivalent of an 11th grader... and we're proud for him! he's helping other students in his class who struggle with their reading skills.

  • little J turns 3 in just over a week... that's unbelievable...

  • it was 5 degrees here last night

  • our dryer broke... $162.00 later, it turns out a 29.00 belt was the deal... but there was no way we could have fixed it ourselves so that's that.

  • while the dryer was broke, I hung close in to dry (yes, IN) on our banister... thank goodness no one came by to see our undies lined up the 2 sets of stairs!!

  • little J has some creative language substitutions for words... gas (sorry) is grass... ?? and kiss... is piss. funny huh? give me a piss? I think its hilarious. he says kiss on occasion, but mostly defaults to piss. oh well.... there could be worse things he says....

  • worse things he says : holy crat (holy CRAP) because I said that once when I slammed on brakes recently and it stuck with him. now, everytime I have to tap the brakes the slightest to stop quick, he says 'holy crat'... we're doing our best to ignore it and hope that it goes away. we've tried telling him to say 'oh goodness' but that has it's own story. I'll take my mother of the year award now, thanks.

  • I do think that little J wants to be just like his big brother most all of the time... sometimes big E gets frustrated w/ that... but the video below I call "copycat" is too funny to us.... little J mimics every word and sound that big E makes during video game time. When big E plays game, it's usually for only about 30 min each day and that's before little J's bedtime. Little J wants to sit beside his brother and participate somehow... we always think it's fun to watch how he focuses on big E's every move.

That's about it for us for this week.

I plan to get back into blogging someday soon. I need to journal in order to remember stuff!