Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ship Wreck

We visited Discovery Place this week, it was sort of a last ditch effort to sneak in a family outing during the week before school starts back. We were all a little bummed that the rain forest and the aquarium was closed for renovations, but there was a reduced rate on their admission fee to the museum because of that. SO... we went up and the boys enjoyed some kapla block building time together and little J enjoyed the toddler play area while big E wondered around all of the fun activities they have for older kids.
We went in to the Ship Wreck exhibit, but little J was a little scared of the dark and spooky look everything had to it. They really did have it set up like it neat! Dimmed lights, some soft spooky sounding music playing, and even a woman dressed as a pirate to greet you. We saw items such as old perfume bottles, plates, gold bars, coins, the ships porthole, and lots more - all from the SS Republic from the Civil War-era. It was very interesting to see the treasures that were from the mid-1800's!!

Lesson learned = alot can be learned from history, both in history in general, and our own personal history...for example, something devastating is bound to happen to us all throughout our life, but we can find treasures if we dig really deep during those times...