Monday, January 4, 2010

mountain snow and scenery

We headed to my mom's in the NC Mountains this past weekend for a late Christmas celebration, and we stopped along the way for a few photos here and there...This bench just stood out to me all by itself, in the 10 degree weather.

This bridge is located in a place called Little Switzerland, where a recent ice storm snapped trees in half. It looked like a disaster area when we drove toward it. This particular scenic road was still closed. Here's a youtube that some local guy in that area posted after the ice storm.
(yes. he's southern!!)

That is NOT an outhouse... but it makes for a pretty cool picture! From my moms backyard!

Those are gigantic icicles hanging from rocks that were on the drive up on the side of the mountain. The rocks usually drip water, and the water just froze in these gigantic clumps!!
A little birdhouse that looked so inviting and warm for a tiny family of birds, in moms backyard!
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WackyMummy said...

Beautiful winter shots!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

OOH gorgeous shots!!!