Thursday, July 23, 2009

yummy goody delivery day....

We received our yummy fruits and veggie delivery today early, and big E was exited with this weeks contents!!! His favorite - the kiwi! Little J's favorite... nanners and grapes and apples.... he's a fruit boy. My favorite??? Baby spinach!! Big J likes whatever he's fed usually, so he's not too picky ;).

1 container yellow cherry tomatoes - local -2nd time receiving this and these have been outstanding in flavor!
2 large crowns broccoli - local
2 jumbo red onions - local
1 bag of baby spinach - local
6 fuji apples
7 kiwi
1 pound seedless grapes
5 red plums
6 bananas

This afternoon after a doctors appointment, big E and I stopped at the local market to pick up some fresh rainier cherries.....

MAN we love summer for it's yummy produce! We were excited when we saw my mom recently and she brought me lots of yellow squash and a cantaloupe the size of a soccer ball! The kids are enjoying cantaloupe or honeydew melon almost every day and little J is going through 2 apples and 2 nanners a day on most days. Those boys love some goodness!!