Saturday, September 5, 2009

another new addition brought to us by IKEA

Did I mention I'm and IKEA freak? I just wish that everything at IKEA was made in the USA...Either way, I go there whenever I can... I love to look, and dream about all the snazzy possibilities there - there's so many ways to simplify and organize at IKEA! I think if I were the type to spend money frivolously for our home and kids, I'd do it at IKEA and on (Etsy has also won my heart over).
BUT, our budget isn't so frivolous with one laid off and one working for a small income from home, so we only really replace things if they're broken or if we sell something on craigslist or Ebay in order to replace it. That's why we like IKEA, everything seems to be reasonably priced for a budget like ours when it comes to stuff we can "use" in everyday life.
Big E has been doing his assignments either on his bed, or at the dining room table, so we cleared a spot in his room for a simple small desk, and for under $50.00 we were able to get a desk, a chair, and a cushion for the chair to match his room colors. Was it a necessity, nope - but does he totally dig it - YES! All he wants now is a really cool desk lamp because I walked out and forgot it like a dummy, we'll prob. get him this one since he seems to dig it (and it's only $5!), and he'll be a happy kid doing homework or reading, writing, or drawing at freewill!