Thursday, November 19, 2009

day 19 - very grateful

The price of a 2007 Camry...... appx $19,000.00....
like the one pictured below BEFORE it was crashed into... (that I was driving today)
The cost of the car seat our child was buckled in.... appx $279.99
The time it took for everything to change.... a split second.

What it felt like to turn around and see our child perfectly safe..... PRICELESS.

... and for that I'm THANKFUL.

We were driving a loaner car today, because my car was in the shop for some repairs. We were headed to pick up big E on our regular route and had stopped for a car in front of us when a SUV came plowing into the rear of this Camry at 40mph. This picture may not look like it, but the front AND rear of this vehicle got smashed and the damage is around 7000.00. The entire rear end will have to be rebuilt. This would have nearly totaled my 2004 Honda Element. What matters most is that little J is FINE. He has some very minor bruises, a cut lip from biting it as we were hit, and never even cried for a second. In fact, he instantly said "wow mommy that was really loud, I think your engine is broken!! Will you hold my hand, it is scary!" We were the middle car, the car in front of us got smacked by our front end pretty good, but the drivers of both the car that hit us AND the car that we in turn hit - are FINE. I'm going to be ok, I'm very sore, my face hit the steering wheel before the seatbelt yanked me with hulk like force back into the seat, so I have some back and neck problems - but it could have been ALOT WORSE.


WackyMummy said...

Wow, woman! You've got enough on your plate than to deal with this too. So glad little J is ok. (By the way, how sweet and adorable was he! It made me all mushy!) I've been in more than my share of accidents myself, so I feel your pain. Unfortunately. Take care of yourself, my friend.