Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RTT - NaBloPoMo edition - Day 24

So - I didn't do Random Tuesday Thoughts early this morning, and in fact, I normally post it over at my other blog, which has suffered long bouts of postlessness since random life chaos has been all in my world, and I'm really late posting this one but here I go.... Oh - and to read more randomness go over to The UnMom right quick...
  • Today my 3yo told me that he wanted to build a Lego® girl WITH boobies of course....

  • I took too much of my medication this morning, on an empty stomach and have paid for it ALL day with dizzy and light headedness. It sucked. And because of that, I'm really tired now.

  • It's supposed to snow at my mom's house on Thursday, and I'm going there for Thanksgiving of course, so we may get to see the snow fall!!

  • I'm watching "so you think you can dance" and can't believe it was 2 hours long tonight!

  • Why is it now that I've been in a wreck and hit by a Lexus SUV, that seems to be the ONLY vehicle I see all day long? Today, another white one almost hit me, it would have been a side impact - she ran the stoplight.

  • My family rocks.

  • My friends rock..... just sayin.

  • I'm loving Digsby for all my social networking needs (no they didnt pay me to do that) I use it to combine aol, yahoo, twitter, facebook, myspace and gmail. I'm a social networking junkie I suppose. But then, you probably are too since you're reading my blog. bahahahaha.

  • I can't wait to see The Blind Side, and plan to go by myself Friday Saturday. Exciting. Only those who know me know why that's so exciting. I'm pretty much a "wait until it's on DVD" chick.

  • I do NOT plan to be anywhere NEAR the mall on Friday, which is why you see my scratch thru on the previous post...This mama's almost done with her shopping, and did most ALL of it online with Etsy.com and a few other fav sites. Scored free shipping on most everything too!!


Julie@Momspective said...

I haven't even started shopping. I think my mom's doing the drawing from a hat thing this year, so I'm putting off Christmas shopping until 2012.