Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Day 3

Last night around 2am, my stepmom fell down the stairs at their house. She broke her ankle in 3 places, and has been admitted to the hospital and will require some pretty significant surgery to rebuild that ankle.

I'm not thankful for her fall.... but I am thankful that her fall didn't end her life, it didn't paralyze her, it didn't deform her, and all signs point to a great recovery. I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that my dad can rest his head tonight and know that his wife is going to be OK. I can tell my kids Gma D is going to be OK. Her children know their mom is OK. A fall down those steep stairs, could have easily been so much more damaging. It STINKS that she has to suffer with this ankle surgery, recovery time, and physical therapy to get back use of her ankle and foot... but I'm SOOOO glad that it wasn't worse.


WackyMummy said...

Wow! Really hope she recovers with no complications. That's rough!