Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday's 5

Wednesday's mark the middle of the week... the day with the most unusual spelling and/or pronunciation whichever way you look at it; it is a grand example of how the English language can be strange and confusing! Wednesday is said 'Windsday' try to explain this to kids (I've had too) and you'll find yourself in a debate of 'buy why is that?' with your little one! In general it's Wacky Wednesday for me most weeks. So I figured I'd at least poke fun at, discuss, or share my '5' each Wednesday… anything from a mid-week wrap-up or just details of the day, random things about life, etc.

Today’s random 5 things I’ve discovered since I’ve been a mom…

1. It is possible to eat, drive, talk on the cellphone (yes, I use a headset when driving), and watch your kids from the rearview – all at the same time… I often wondered how my parents did all of this (minus the cellphone of course)… now I know – it’s part of the package I received when I enlisted as a mom… you know – the Superhuman skills and strengths package? You’re familiar, right?

2. Animal cookies double as cement, especially when it’s smeared on the car seat of the toddler who sits in it… even more cement like when crammed into the seatbelt hole area. Somewhere on the box it should say 'wet, and smear the goo to secure anything to fabric'... kindof makes you wonder how digestion works with these things...

3. Restaurants should have a ‘cooling area’ for the orders placed for our kids, and place the food there while the grownups food is being prepared… this way, grownups and kids can eat at the same time, preventing the mom or dad from having to sit and tear or cut the food and blow on it to cool it… all while the grownup food gets cold!!

4. Telemarketer’s bothering you? Just record your smallest one screaming (seems cruel, but works later…) and when the telemarketer calls and you accidentally answer on a whim (thinking it’s a REAL phone call) press play on your recording and use the ‘this is not a good time, my toddler’s fussy’ excuse and hang up. Tested this recently, and it works for me!

5. Despite our greatest efforts in choosing classic and developmentally educational toys… we’ve found that our money is best spent on the following: random string/ribbons/bows/paper, empty boxes (any will do) and pots and pans … don’t forget the wooden spoon.


Douglas, Jennifer,Brittany, Alexis & Nicholas Glover said...

MOM - In other words the multi-tasker! That is how we do it. Thank goodness for the bluetooth, one of the best inventions ever!