Sunday, April 26, 2009

In 5 Minutes or Less...

Haven't been much on blogging lately, here or my other blog for that matter... spring is sprung and that has kicked my butt in gear with outdoor activities, library activities, crafts, flower projects, spring cleaning - and in general some changes. So... short and brief...

  • The husband is on the mend from being sick. He's also headed back to work on Monday after a temporary layoff for 3 months, I never blogged about it - didn't want comments about it, there's plenty of people worse off... we've been super fortunate and had many opened doors with freelance offers. He's extremely talented, and evidently that's still a valued trait in today's failing economy... seriously, I/we figured that ART would be the last thing on demand in the consumer world these days!!
  • Little J is sick again with another yucky cold + really really yucky allergies. The doctor prescribed 2 Rx for allergies, and then has suggested us to alternate 2 OTC allergy meds daily. For now, we're doing ok with alternating the two OTC's that are tried, true and trusted. The doc. suggested the other 2 as back ups in case these seem to stop working... for now, we're going to stick with the tried and true... it seems to be working.
  • We visited Tiger World this weekend and had a BLAST with the kids. They both learned alot about the animals there, most importantly, they had fun doing it!
  • I had my hair cut off, and went shopping for me. I haven't went shopping for ME in over 3 years!! I'm tired of staring at the same old clothes in the closet, so I decided that it was time for me to realize that I needed to make a few changes...
  • Big E got glasses, and looks pretty snazzy in them!! We were concerned that he may feel like the odd man out wearing them in class, but he really loves his new specs!! He's also the proud owner of a yellow belt in TaiKwon Do. He's worked hard for it, and we're proud for him, and of him.
  • This past week was full of funerals for my extended family, I couldn't get to any of them and found out about one of them on the day OF the funeral!! Seemed like every day my dad called me to tell me, or I read about it on FB from my family... when it rains it pours, right?
  • A friend of mine from highschool married the principle of our highschool's daughter... they're both finishing their fellowships in cardiology... and they welcomed TRIPLETS into this world this week. We've not kept in touch, and we found each other on facebook. I'm so happy for them!! And from what I read, they were super surprised to find out they were carrying triples! She carried them up to 33 weeks!!
  • Another friend of mine wrote me this week to tell me about an earthquake that just happened at her house. While another friend was posting messages about HER friend being locked in Target during a Tornado in a completely different state. And yet another friend writes me to pray for HER friend who's 4yo son was accidentally ran over by a lawnmower by his GRANDFATHER. The boy is in pretty rough shape, and the grandpa is not doing so well - as expected. Things like this make me realize more then anything, that there are bigger problems in the world then my own, and we're very fortunate.
  • We're leaving for the lake now!! LATER TATERS~