Thursday, April 2, 2009

veggies and doctors visits

I'm slack at posting lately, I've been spending alot of time with random stuff in life and less time writing about it! I plan to catch this up to speed soon!!

Today we received our first box of yummies from a local organic produce delivery company. I'd been searching for a local CSA that we could join in with, and hadn't found one that really suited us and then when we had a visit from our family from Texas my SIL went to visit her good friend who lives nearby and found out about this company. I'm excited!! In our box today came: zucchini, roma tomatoes, red potatoes, lettuce, carrots with tops, fuji apples, mango, red plums, and banana's. I love that they offer a dislike list because I don't like the idea of wasting goodness!! I was able to substitute out 1 item on our dislike list for extra items we like.

I did a cost comparison at a local Whole Foods market, and found that I'm getting the box of yummies delivered to my front door (chilled and guaranteed fresh) for right around the same price I'd buy it for in the store (varied by less then $1.00 for today's box), the upside is that the greater majority of what we received in our delivery today was local farm grown (with the exception of exotic fruits), so the idea of supporting local farming warms my heart!

Doctor Visits...

Nothing in the realm of 'major'... but for us, doctor visits are usually just checkups. We've been fortunate and not had too many sick visits in the past few years. This past month has been horrible for little J, he's had one thing after another with sinus's or allergies. Anything from a fever with croup like coughing to random rash's that break out in hives and swell the skin. This past Saturday's visit with the ped. was the 3rd in 3 weeks for the same symptoms sticking around (with random fever). His 2nd visit was a follow up to check his ears to make sure the fluid was gone, and the 3rd was really because he just sounded horrible, and we were worried that since it'd been almost 3 weeks that he could get pneumonia. He's on the mend finally and getting a little more rest at night with only a few interruptions with coughing and gagging during the night. The ped. did prescribe a epi junior for him because of the recent rash's that break out in hives, most likely contact dermatitis - but to what we're unsure. So for safety's sake, and in relation to my own personal history with anaphalaxis, and my brother's death due to anaphalaxis, she just felt better with us having one handy. I know what symptoms to look for before using it, so I'm glad we are prepared if the worst case scenario were to ever occur w/ little J. Big J (the husband) also caught the yuck, he's been sick for about 4 or 5 days, but nothing like little J. Big E and I have skated around getting sick so far!!

Outside of that - we've been considering building an ark with all of the rain we've had these past 2 weeks!! HA!! We went to the airport a couple of weeks ago and there were some birds just swarming overhead, and I managed to catch a few half decent shots of them, you can see those pictures HERE if you're interested. I'll try to update my smugmug again soon, I hope to post a few pics from our visit from my BIL/SIL & kids as soon as I get a chance!