Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday is Random

  • My dad called me today, he's vacationing in Gatlinberg TN. He called to tell me that this morning they were visited by a very large black bear. It ripped up the hottub cover and decided to take a drink from the hottub. THEN, it came back LATER to finish ripping the cover off and proceeded to lay down in the hottub and get a bath - dad took pictures this time. My dad said this bear was a good bit taller then him and when it got out of the hottub it shook off much like a dog would after being wet, it stared at my dad and stepmom through the windows and then went away. They have 4 more days on vacation... they went to tell the property management company of the cabin they're staying in, and they told my dad that this has happened a few times already. Um, scary!!
  • My SIL/BIL are one step closer to adopting that son of theirs!!! Go read all about it HERE.
  • I had a photo for a friend to scan in, I had put it in my purse and couldn't find it!! I thought I lost it.... so I looked in my car SEVERAL (at least 6) times, in my house everywhere I'd have put it, then I went dumpster diving. Yeah, I said it - I dug thru my trash for her. She's a dear friend and I felt like total CRAP because I couldn't find the dang picture!!! Thankfully I separate my trash into recycle bins, so I had a TON of paper trash to go through. After sorting and sifting through that, I didn't find it! So, back to the drawing board.... I found it in my CAR in the dash compartment. WHY???? I never put stuff there!!! WILD. Anyway, I'm happy, she's happy - and the picture is sure to be a great WW. Check it out at http://www.momspective.com/ tomorrow.
  • I keep scissors in my purse. You just never know when you're going to need scissors... like, when your 3yo is sitting in the back seat with a string on his sock and doesn't like the 'yucky sock'... I will whip my scissors out like Mrs. Gadget and snip that string off at a stoplight.... OR for clipping coupons in the carpool line... OR for when you are at a fast food place, and you order a SMALL drink and they give you this abnormally LARGE straw? WTF is that about????? SO..... for my kids (the toddler especially) sake, to keep them from poking his eyes out, I will snip a good bit of the straw off to make it easier for him. Well, I end up with these straw bits that are about 1-2 inches long.... the other day I started thinking... it'd be really bad for me if I get pulled over and a cop see's those. They're sure to assume I have a nose candy problem with 10 or 20 of those baby's mixed in my purse and my cup holder. HA.
  • I broke my tooth and will likely end up with a root canal - and I'm scared of the dentist like I'm 2 years old. Honestly, I'd rather have full blown labor again without an epidural.... I'd rather go back into the operating room for a emergency c-section and FEEL it again. I'd rather have someone torture me by pulling my fingernails out..... do you get the picture? I'm a big sissy!!
  • My husband went back to work this week after a 3 month temp. layoff. Thank goodness, because it's not like they're handing out jobs these days for artists.
  • Last, and certainly not least.... on a very serious note. Please PLEASE PLEASE stop by Gorillabuns and show some love. Thalon was just under 4 months old and received his angel wings and left this world suddenly. His mommy, daddy and siblings need support, prayers, encouragement, and to just know that they're being thought of. Please be sure to take time to read her last 2 or 3 posts. "Slow Motion" REALLY blew me away, the raw heart she wrote with made me cry my eyes out. "time" is also a post that hit me hard emotionally. Anyway, they need the blog community to reach out... she has certainly laid her heart out there for us.... lets reach back and hug her.


sharnee said...

The link to Gorillabuns was so sad that I instantly started bawling. :((((
On a lighter note - I can't believe that a bear ripped up the hot tub cover and then had a hot tub! That's so funny and yet kinda scary at the same time (I'd love to see a photo!!).
Sorry about the dentist too :( I'm lucky enough to have never had a root canal but I never want that experience. I'm sure that it has to be better than having a c-section.....!? But then again... I have no idea! Good luck!

Amy said...

I'm not even going to click the link on the last bullet point until I get home . . .

The straw-clipping cracks me up because we do it too. I'd better clean out the car this afternoon in case we get pulled over . . . LOL

Bones said...

That is CRAZY about the bear. Did they get pictures? That would be up there for me with awesomenest things to see. But I would be equally terrified, I bet!