Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - basically random

.....I have random Tuesday writers block, my post today may weigh in as *blugh* overall. Go over to The UnMom for lots of randomness.
  • My 3yo pottys alot. A-freakin-LOT. This morning I took a shower while he took a bath in the garden tub beside my shower.... and during the time he was in the tub splashing around in the bubbles, he had to get out to go potty 3 x's! It wasn't just getting out for getting out's sake either, he was really going. At least he wasn't peeing in the tub.
  • I think the front of my car has a 'get in front of me and go as slow as humanly possible' sign on it.... maybe a shorter version of that, whatever. What the HECK is it with people who drive 10 mph under the speed limit?? I'm in no hurry in this life, but I do appreciate doing at least the speed limit when I have a schedule. argh. I have NO road rage, and my husband laughs at me because this ALWAYS happens when we're going somewhere as a family on the weekends... this weekend alone - at least 4 times!!
  • What's with Hardee's? Does EVERYTHING have to be ginormous? I stopped by there this weekend to grab a drink, never ever EVER eat there (stressing EVER) because the commercials absolutely gross me the H out. Big nasty greasy burger with several layers of meat and oozing grossness being shoved into some stick thin models body.... what, all so she can go puke after? Seriously, we all know that no person that size eats at Hardees even remotely regularly. But back to the purpose of this part of my randomness.... the drink I ordered was a small and it was gigantic. So gigantic that the straw was like a yard dart. GEEZ.
  • I'm on the fence about Jon and Kate - because honestly, I haven't watched in 2 seasons at ALL and the 1st and 2nd season were touch and go for me..... but it seems to be the buzz this week. So I watched the first episode of this season last night, and wow - it seems that becoming superstars has come with it's own set of problems for this family. It almost seems as if one of them regrets the continual publicity, and the other thrives on it. It's sad for the kids in general, I hope for the kids sake that they remain civil and/or get things worked out.
  • I can't figure out what I want for lunch....
  • I'm excited about some new recipes for dinner this week!! I love trying new stuff!
  • Kid's napping, hopefully.... he has a stuffy nose today and sneezing alot.... but while he's quiet I must get some work done. Later peeps!


Julie@Momspective said...

This is Hi-larious. I feel the same on the road, especially on 77. Dude. I STINK today. Like smell. BAD. Be grateful we're not hanging out until Thursday.

T~T said...

the Jon and Kate thing - I think it is a setup !!