Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - frugalness, boogers, and auto accidents

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  • I scored a super hot deal at Aldi's this week. I've been slowly buying random outdoor stuff for the toddler since we're home all day, and most of what I've been finding is off of Craigslist. I found THIS sandbox on craigslist for 25.00 and it was in NEW condition, the women I bought it from had only let her kids use it for floating mini boats and playing in the water... so it had no scratches or sign of wear... and I found THIS slide on there for 10.00 that had been used in a basement only.... so it was like new too.... then I found THIS matching table/umbrella at Aldi yesterday for 49.99 (regular 99.99 and up). We have lots of kids over in the afternoons, so I'was stoked to find it on sale. We were given a freebie one but it is very tiny and almost worn out from sun exposure, the plastic was really weak. So I felt super frugal, especially when you combine what we paid for all three combined... it doesn't even equal what the cost of one would be if bought new!!! SCORE!

  • Moms/Dads.... this may be 'eww gross' to some... so sorry in advance, and I'd suggest skipping this one all together. Anyway, my toddler will call me in his room sometimes at night to tell me he has a booger, and he'll hold his finger out with it.... I've found that I have absolutely no hesitation about grabbing that and walking to the bathroom to wash my hands.... is that just me??? Recently he was sick, and I was WEARING a snotty shoulder shirt and realized this after I was half way to where I was going... to be around ppl. So I took a baby wipe to my shirt shoulder and did the best I could. Having kids has totally changed my perspective on ALOT of things... importance doesn't lie in me having a clean crisp shirt anymore, it is in knowing that my little snot nose boy is happy that mommy picked him up for lovin when he needed it.

  • Yesterday I went to the grocery store and when I went inside it was not raining, I came outside to a total downpour. In leaving, I saw one wreck that was a front end collision, both vehicles airbags exploded, and then not even 1/4 a mile away, there was a single car accident where a car hydroplaned and ended up off the road in between two trees in a very steep down slope. Wild stuff. Thankfully, everyone seemed ok.

  • I still haven't went to the dentist.... gosh I put the "pro" in procrastinate.

  • I use quotations in excess often, and I'm ok with it.

  • I need to go do laundry soon.

  • My 3yo says "holy crat" (his version of crap, is crat) in the right situation.... and I am trying my best to get him to stop. He totally got that from ME. I have really stopped saying it, now trying to get him to stop. A few scenarios where I've heard this: when I have to stop short when driving because someone may pull out in front of me, OR when a car suddenly stops to turn in front of me.... the other day he was playing w/ his Thomas trains and the train "fell" off of the bridge he said "holy crat, did you see that???".... no I'm not proud, but I have to admit I can't help but giggle because he does use it at the right time. It's not right that I've said that, and honestly, he may have said it 3 times in the past 3 weeks.... ok - we're working on that. I've told him "oh my goodness" is appropriate and I'm doing my best to say that in substitute for holy crap.

  • I think that we're getting the April showers, in May.

  • Well kids, thanks for reading my RTT... I'm gonna make like a baby - and head out.


Julie@Momspective said...

Once, a LONG time ago, Jake handed me one and without thinking, I grabbed it and flicked it then was immediately repulsed at myself for that action.

Leigh said...

I totally agree about the April showers coming a bit late...

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Oh man...my kid will probably say Holy Crat too because I say that all the time. I hope that is the worse he says. Also, I think I'm going to have to check out Craigslist. Sounds like they do have some great deals. Besides, I won't be stalked looking for a sandbox right?

And the booger thing? Hasn't happened to me yet but I think we, as parents, get to a point where bodily fluids are just bodily fluids and very little grosses us out anymore.

Jenn said...

I had to teach my kid to say "OH FIZZLE" ... because of my great verbage...he now says "Mommy...you should say "Oh Fizzle instead" ...yeah...thanks.

I use too many...um.... dots..... when I write. ON a regular basis.

Once I saw my neighbor in the store..she was pregnant with her first and mine was like 6mo ... and he spit up and I put my hand out to catch it...then wiped it on the little cart cover thingy...she and her husband were shopping for maternity clothes and they looked horrified...her DH looked like he could vomit... I've seen her doing the same things time and again now. LOL It just all changes.

GreenJello said...

I'm always telling my kids, "Skin washes off. That's its nicest feature."

Yummy Pears said...

I laughed out loud about the holy crap comment. I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone and I said "holy crap" in response to something she said and I heard from the background her daughter say "is that Will's mommy?". I didn't know I was on speaker in their car. Apparently I say "HC" often enough that other people's kids recongnize that it is ME!