Saturday, May 16, 2009

some things...

  • Today my father in law and my husband installed an in sink erator, ours had been leaking some grossness for a few months and we bought a new one and just never installed it! YAY - no more stinky sink!! I was unloading borax in that daily to absorb odors! YAY!!!!!!! Did I say YAY??!!?!?!?!?
  • I enjoyed watching my boys sit at the kid sized picnic table and play with playdough while the bubble machine whipped up tons of bubbles during a windy morning outdoors. It was really peaceful, and so sweet to watch our 10yo hang out with his 3yo brother like that. Truth be told, I like playdough too.
  • For some random reason, little J cried like someone stole his trains when we went into Red Robin to eat today for lunch, but after about 3-4 minutes of that and one really sweet waiter, he got over it and was fine. Not sure what that was about, he said he was scared of the balloons???? But then when we left, what did he get??? A yellow balloon. I think it was that he woke a little early + benadryl for weird allergy day + hungry = sad/confused/frustrated boy! Absolutely out of character for him!
  • After nap we went to the airport to watch landing/take off, it's one of our favorite past times on the weekend. While we were there, one of the largest planes we've ever seen took off, and it was really loud. So loud that little J announced "HOLY CRAT mommy, that's LOUD!'.... SERIOUSLY???????? He says this at the exact moment when I'm thinking it. I have NOT been saying this for some time, because he picked it up from me (holy crap, he says holy crat).... wow - what do we do????? The husband/wife beside us sitting on the hood of their car looked right at us with a smirk that almost seemed sympathetic! We're encouraging 'oh my goodness'..... not sticking so far. It is a fact that I keep posting about this, and that's because I'm in shock what sticks with a kid!
  • Drove right through THIS yesterday, and it really opened my eyes to how fast your life can be changed and/or lost. The scene looked just like something off of CSI. This is our regular commute 2 x's a day, the last report was that the shooters have not been located, and they're unsure if this was a random act of violence or if this was gang related.
  • When we tuck little J in nightly, it's pretty common that big E is on his bed across the hall reading a book before bed. He usually reads about 30 min each night before bed, just routine for him. Little J likes to have a little routine at bedtime where do play a silly game with daddy for a minute or so, then kiss daddy good night and daddy leaves the room while I stay behind with little J to read a short story and sing a lullaby each night. Just as daddy was leaving the room big E sneezed, Little J says from across the hall "u ok???" and big E says "yes, I'm fine", little J says "I love you E" and big E says "love you too" and little J said "bless you E"...... my heart melts for such sweeties.


Amy said...

In reference to the Red Robin trip . . . maybe little J was Hangry. At my house, that's what we call a child who is hungry + angry. Ha!