Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Spring, Allergies, Oranges and stuff

  • Went to the mall today, I'm usually not a big mall go'er but today I went so the boy could ride the train. We rode the train (mini version, but big enough for parents/kids to ride together) through the mall once, visited the bookstore, and had lunch! It was a nice day to do something different!
  • I'm praying for Stellan, are you?
  • I just finished talking to a good friend, and she was telling me how she wished she could cook better... I shared with her that I was prepping the chicken now for our dinner and that it smelled good. Only to find that when I walked downstairs - it was burnt!!! HA! So much for that meal!! Boston Market here we come.
  • It's really windy here, and my allergies are in high gear.
  • I'm glad that the weather is finally warming up, but I wish it was consistant. I have to turn the heat on at night because it's in the low 40's and then the a/c during the day (or open windows - my favorite) because of mid-high 70's.
  • My husband is no longer laid off!! His employer asked him to come back tomorrow, but he has some freelance work to finish up that he's committed too. He officially goes back Monday of next week, after his temp. layoff of 3 months. We've been VERY fortunate and been able to pay our mortgage and other debts without a worry. Honestly, it was divine intervention - without a doubt.
  • I've been stuck on Lifetime Movies late at night, like around 11pm nightly... I keep watching the 'behind the headlines" stories lately of true stories. I watched the Green River Killer, Natalie Holloway, and a few others in the past 2 weeks. I'm a latenight Lifetime junkie - sue me.
  • We're going to get new furniture, and it couldn't be soon enough. I've had the same sofa/loveseat set since I moved out on my own and purchased them myself... when we married and moved to this house we decided to wait to get new furniture. Well, now that the youngest is 3, and the oldest is 10 - I think it's time to kick the old stuff to the curb. It's still in acceptable shape, but gosh it's just become like a eye sore to me after 13 years - yes - 13 years. I'm not one of these 'keep up with the Jones's' people who has to have the perfect Martha Stewart house... but a girl can dream, right??
  • Next week, my SIL/BIL will officially adopt one of the 3 children they foster too. There's another adoption pending after that one. I'm sooooo happy for them to finally be able to have that 'gotcha' day!! It seems like it's been FOREVER in the making!! Yay - more nieces and nephews for me!!!
  • I need to start the dishwasher, my house smells like burnt chicken, my cat is meowing for no apparent reason, the wind is so loud outside, a severe thunderstorm warning popped up on my blackberry, I have an unknown "something" on my shirt sleeve (maybe from when the toddler sneezed on my shoulder??) the neighbors dog is barking and it's annoying, and my kid is STILL sleeping - how's that for random?? --- need to change shirts.

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T~T said...

this weather sucks - the weekend was lovely - today is so cold and wet and rainy and thurs is supposed to be 80??

Swoozie said...

Randomness Rules!
Weather here is way down (42 degrees) and supposedly come Friday it's going to be way up (80 degrees). I'll believe it when I feel it. Windy as hell here so at least that's consistent.
Yay for new funiture!

Mrs Zeee said...

Well, I think you defined random today, but definitely entertaining! Good read :)

GreenJello said...

Great news on the job!

Casey said...

I like the term "gotcha day", I've never heard that. Congrats to them on their adoption!

Congrats to your husband too, jobs are hard to come by these days!

Mmmmmmmmm, Boston Market. I guess I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.