Sunday, June 7, 2009

5 minutes or less, absolutely random.

I've been bad at blogging lately, been under the weather a bit and in general -just not into it. So I thought I'd update my family/friends/blogland in 5 min or less on what's been going on in our little part of the universe.
  • We're headed to the beach next week!! YAY!! We are excited about a 4 day getaway!!
  • Big E is almost done with 5th grade!! Go big E!!! He passed his EOG's and did an excellent job on the scoring!
  • Little J still needs to work on saying holy crap... ALL of that is MY fault. I'm so bad...
  • Today we saw a sign for a "beef jerky outlet" near a large mall in our area.. what's that about?? Is there really a place where you shop for beef jerky in mass supply like that??
  • I officially cooked ZERO meals this weekend, and I'm not feeling any guilt. I've been sick, and darn it - I'm just glad to have antibiotics and hearing back in one ear. I did, however, make one dandy oreo pie with sugar free oreos and mini pie crusts... the pie is as guilt free as a pie can possibly get with chocolate, and of course using moderation in portions is a must with goodies like this.... HERE is the recipe.
  • Little J is in love with the apples that were delivered by our local organic veg/fruit delivery service.... he's on his SECOND one tonight right now!!
  • Did I mention we're going to the beach? The beach feels like home to me, because I grew up visiting the beach almost every other weekend EVERY summer until 1987 when we moved closer to the foothills in our state. We lived close enough that my mom would take us as often as possible. You'd never know that now, because I'm so white that I could blind you with the whiteness...either way - it's peaceful and feels like home in my soul to be beside the crashing waves and the warm sand. Hopefully we'll go back in August for my birthday as usual.
  • OMG - 4 more payments on my car!!!YIPEEEEEE


Amy said...

I don't know which is more exciting -- your upcoming trip to the beach or the fact that you only have 4 car payments left!

Christine said...

Have fun at the beach!

Julie@Momspective said...

I can't wait to read your beach trip play by play and I made that darn pie and ate the ENTIRE THING. TG it's "mostly sugar free"

GreenJello said...

I can't wait until we only have 3 car payments left on both cars... still have a few years left. Sigh.