Monday, June 29, 2009

changing places

I'm moving, merging......Just so you guys know :) I've decided to minimize! This BassAckwards mom's life got a little more NuckinFuts crazy then usual. So, to cut down on my time spent blogging... I've decided that it's just as easy to put it all in one spot.

I'll be redirecting all of this blog's content and merging it with my original blog. I'll keep posting, I'll keep frugalizing my life... because, I enjoy it - and I enjoy sharing what I find with those of you who read here. Alot of my posts are full of info I stumble upon by friends, in stores, etc., and/or other blogs that I read. I really enjoy passing it forward! I'm all about a great deal! I realize that most all of what I find you could easily find for yourself with a little digging and googling... but the fun in it for me is simply passing it on!

I LOVE reviewing new products too!! I am posting my Jumpstart review this weekend.