Saturday, June 13, 2009

day 3 - beach trip

For our 3rd day at the beach we decided to just kick back and go with whatever, whenever, and however! No specific plan, no itinerary, just - enjoying.
We spent the morning out by the beach and at the oceanfront pools at the resort, the kids played and played. Little J met a friend at the toddler pool area, and they played together for a while. I enjoyed talking with her parents, and found out that they were just married -literally that day!! The husband had the little girl that little J was playing with from a previous marriage, and she was 5. The couple has a 15 month old little girl together! They were adorable and such a nice family to talk with about general 'stuff'. Big E also met some fellows in the lazy river area and they ended up hanging out and playing water games for most of the morning!!

We ordered in for lunch, super greasy NY style pizza.... and WOW it was greasy. I had to use a paper towel to sponge off the grease. We never get yuck like that, but we decided on a whim - why not try it and see how it is.... eeekk!! Big J and I only ate 1 piece each, I think big J started to eat a 2nd one and we were both like -ugh- we'll pay for that later!! Little J ate 1.5 pieces and can you believe that big E put away FOUR PIECES of that stuff?????

When little J woke from his nap, we decided to go back out to Broadway at the Beach because both boys had such a good time and kept asking to go back. We just figured, why not?!? They loved it, had a blast and we wanted them to enjoy their vacation....

We settled on Tony Roma's for dinner just before a storm came in, the food was yummy!! Big E was the only one who had their famous ribs... he said they were yum. I stayed safe with chicken and big J had some blackened salmon....all in all we've decided that his (at home) grilled salmon can't be beat. I'm not just saying that to boost his ego or self esteem, his blackened salmon really IS the best I've ever had!!

After dinner we decided we'd go back, wait on the rain to pass and maybe go for a walk out on the beach. Little J wasn't a huge fan of the ocean water this year, he liked the sand, but had a bit of anxiety with the ocean itself. Not sure why, I guess that big big ocean is alot to understand for a little fellow! We picked our battles, held him and reassured him that daddy and big E were just fine if they were in the water. He didn't have tantrums, or panic attacks, he was just uneasy. He and I played in the sand alot, collected shells and pulled a little wagon along the sand while big J and E splashed a bit in the water. We saw a beautiful sunset!! What a perfect way to end our last night at the beach!!