Friday, June 12, 2009

beach day 2, part 2

I posted my earlier post during little J's nap, I laid beside him while he napped for 2 hours... while I was here, big J and E went for a walk and bought a boogy board. After nap we decided to hit the Ripley's Aquarium and then grab dinner while we were out.
Little J wasn't too excited about all of the creepy sounds they had playing in the dark creepy tunnels in the aquarium, so it took a little while for him to adjust. We ended up going out to the open play area a few times while big J and E were checking out the sharks. After a little time to feel safe, he was good to go...

After the aquarium we decided to go get dinner, at Tripps and it was YUM. Even though it's a chain and there's some in NC, we've never been. We had a shrimp appetizer that was awesome. An Asian style shrimp over rice with wasabi seeds, and oh my yummy.... I loved it! The boys also enjoyed their meals!! Little J flirted with the waitress every time she stopped by.
Once we finished up with dinner, we still had a walk to the car so we took some pictures along the way. Big E loves surfboards, so when I saw this one it looked like it matched his shirt... fun picture. The board was gigantic!

Below is the ride that big E chose, most of them were really for little kids, but this one was decent and he had fun! He had some random stranger ride along with him.... While he was riding the airplane ride, little J and big J were on the carousel.

And of COURSE you can't forget the train... if there's a train to ride - we WILL ride it!! Little J had a BLAST !! I rode along only because I had too, but it was fun watching the boys sit together for this one.
We headed back to our place, and changed into our suits for one more splash in the pool(s) and the lazy river! Then back up for a snack and off to bed... and that is where I am right now, beside a sleeping toddler who's worn out from a fun filled day!!

More tomorrow...


Bones said...

I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures. I feel like I am there! Surf board pic is one of the faves! Can't wait til you upload to smug so I can see them in their full potential!

Bones said...

I am enjoying all of your vaca photos, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of the 3 guys walking away the most!

Most importantly, I hope you are having a blast!