Thursday, June 11, 2009

bassackwards beach trip day 1

...check in around 4pm, so we left the house around noon and headed on our way! The weather proved to be gorgeous for our trip!! Not to hot, no storms, and traffic was really light too. All the way there, little J said "holy crap" and "b&%$#" .... makes me sound like a terrible parent, but his version of "beach" really sounds like "b&%$#".... the holy crap came in when I had to hit the brakes pretty hard. I ignored it (seems to be the only real way to make it go away in the long run) but my 10yo busted out laughing, and then started a 'holy crap' song by little J. WOW..... I'm TERRIBLE for having said it, and toddlers remember E V E R Y T H I N G that you don't want them too!!! I have to say that for being two really excited boys, and to be 7 years apart (10 and 3) they were MARVELOUS (no yelling at each other like I remember doing as a kid w my brothers) in the car and we didn't have to stop but once for gas and a stretch.

4pm on the nose, and we arrived, we're staying at Myrtle Beach for the first time in 5 years. I had vowed I'd NEVER return, but the hubs wanted to come for novelty's sake with the kids and they DO have alot of putt putt and Ripley's attractions that both boys will enjoy. We're staying as South Myrtle as possible, because it' really is like a teenage brothel up here...which is why I prefer Folly Beach or Charleston in general. But we're excited none the less!! Checked in at the place, and headed up to our room. It's a neat setup, you drive inside the building center where the parking deck is built in on each floor and you can park on your floor and basically you're right there at your room. We have a 2br suite and it's really nice... although I do miss my bed from home. Nothing is as cozy to me ever!!

After we unpacked we decided to find food, and we ended up at Murrlles Inlet at the Divine Fish House, it was a little pricey for my preference but the she-crab soup was DELICIOUS!!! Big E had the kids shrimp and it was an adult size portion, little J had the PB&J w/ fries and berries, and I had shrimp with steamed veggies... their rice seems rather odd - it had cinnamon in it??? Anyway, big J had the salmon and we both agreed - his is better (that he grills at home).... I was reminded of my former eastern NC life when we were driving back toward the place we're staying. I stopped at the grocery store to get some milk and OJ and when I walked in the sky was normal, when I walked out it was the most ugly storm I've seen in a very long time!!! Papers were flying everywhere in the grocery parking lot, and the lightening was insane!! I remember growing up and those types of storms sneaking up out of nowhere often!! We got back to the room after driving through flash flood type rain, and we decided to stay in.... It was 845pm by that time anyway, which is already past little J's usual bedtime and he was going on no nap as well. So it worked out I suppose.

Little J is sleeping with us on this trip, it's just easier and everyone stays happy that way. Big E has a huge room all to himself with 2 queen beds and a TV, he's so excited. Little J and I laid down at 930, and he was sound asleep by 933. HA. Here's a picture I snapped of him with my cellphone very shortly after he fell asleep....


Lisa said...

so jealous of your ability to be 4 hours from the east coast. *sigh* I miss Georgia!