Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Playing Games

I remember very clearly what it is like to want to do the things your brother(s) do, and then sometimes saying 'I'll NEVER do what my brother(s) did'. From one extreme to another, that's how siblings work - or at least in my experience.

Example in photo below. Ezra plays xbox360 for about 30 min each day as long as all of the day's responsibilities are met (chores, homework, etc) and time allows. So... Jesse shadows him. It is a precious moment to me. Jesse had to lay on the same kind of pillow, with a blanket just like big brother, and hold a controller (it's upside down w/o batteries, but he didn't mind), and the entire Lego's Starwars game was commentated by my 2 year old!! This was just before bed, and he had his paci and pj's on - it was tough to pull him away for bedtime!! He wanted to spend so much time with his big brother...