Saturday, January 12, 2008


Ok - I made a commitment to do 'project 365' and failed to remember that I needed new rechargeable batteries. So - I go out, with my camera with regular batteries and just for future reference - not a good idea. Evidently cameras require batteries with super strength and we were able to snap about 8 photos at the airport before the batteries gave up. So - my 'Project 365' will officially start Monday when I can have some rechargeables in there and keep it with me for my picture a day project.

Not alot going on this weekend around our house, holidays are over and we have a holiday hangover so to speak (holiday gatherings, generally tired, after holiday cleanup, etc), so we decided to take another drive to the airport. It's only about a 20 min. drive for us, and the boys love the overlook and seeing the airplanes take off and land. I posted photos of this recently, but this weekend they had changed course on the landing strip and we really got some great photos of closeups on take-offs. Jesse is waving bye-bye as each and every plane leaves. We grabbed a treat and had our snacks while watching several land and take off. It was a nice way to spend a little time out of the house as a family today!

Waving 'bye' to all of the airplanes!