Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Day #2

Some of my eastern NC friends/family are a bit envious of our recent double dose of snow...but even so, we did get a double dose this week!! Not alot, just about 2 inches Wednesday evening, then maybe 1 inch today. Not alot to brag about, but definitely a site to see since we've not had snow in a while!

Snow makes me want what I like to call 'fireplace meals'. I love to have hearty warm soups, stews, and today before the weather came in the boys and I headed out to the Fresh Market for some fresh veggies to make my own version of Veggie Soup. I make mine very similar to Olive Garden's Minestrone, minus the noodles. I love hearty chunks of tomato with Italian seasonings and then I load the soup with chunks of our favorite veggies and beans. I'm not quite ready to post my link to the Project 365 photo journal (hope to have that going on smugmug this week) but here are a few pictures I took for today.

yummy veggie soup
Ezra loves to use his light saber, he was chopping at the snow as it fell...
Some of the snow was finally sticking to our roof!


Amy said...

I am one of those with snow envy! We woke up to a clear yard and blue skies this morning :-( Your soup looks great! I got up early this morning and but some chili in the crock pot. I don't think the temperature has gotten above 29 all day. Definitely a nice day to stay inside!