Friday, October 2, 2009

Day Out with Thomas - 2009

This is our 3rd time going to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. We took big E when he was little, and we went last year with both boys, so this is the 2nd time for little J! He had a blast!! Some of the photos he looks SO serious....
Here's a few from our trip. We had beautiful weather, and spent the entire morning there.


Melody said...

Excuse me, Sarah, for barging in on your blog. We went to Day Out With Thomas this past weekend, and I lost my ticket with the photographer's web address on it for the picture with Thomas. Would you happen to have that URL? I've been googling what I thought it was, but no luck.

Thanks from a mom in Spartanburg, SC,

Sarah said...

Hey Melody - I'm sorry, I don't have the info... but I the link I embedded in my post has the NC Trans. Museum's number on it - and I believe they're even open on Sunday - I think Thomas is still there even tomorrow, so I bet you can get the info by phone! The NC Trans. Museum # is (704) 636-2889

I hope that helps some!!

Andrea said...

Your boys are adorable! Love the pics in this post and the next!