Saturday, October 31, 2009

spider webs

Woke up this morning and noticed fuzzy spots all over our back yard. I went out to see what they were and found that they were tiny palm size spider webs. First, that's just weird on Halloween, and second - how can I get rid of the critters that are making them? I'm not really a spider fan (was bit by a black widow years ago - eek)...... Here's just one of several, I'd say around 100, tiny little webs.
This one is not in focus very well...I'm really trying to practice using manual zoom on my camera lens, and all manual settings.... I'll have to go try harder!! Spider webs are hard to capture!


Andrea said...

Wow, that IS ironic on Halloween! I could definitely see the web in this pic. . .if I ignore the part about there being spiders then I find this picture really cool :)

Thank you for the comment on my post Saturday - I hope your family had a Happy Halloween and your husband had a terrific birthday!