Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us - YAY!

Our song.

Big J and I are celebrating 7 years today....our story includes many ups and downs, and hanging by many moments - together. Thanks so much big J - for hanging in there with me....

I hope for many more years together! (you may need counseling - HA)


Anonymous said...

Love the pic & the song :) Happy Anniversary

Andrea said...

First, happy anniversary!!!!

Second, thank you so much for the tip about my car! I have mentioned my issue to several of my family members and no one has had a suggestion for me so it was a relief to know that it's probably not some crazy thing that can't be repaired! A price quote would be great (so that when I return home I will have a ballpark of what to expect, lol).

Hope you and your husband had a great weekend!