Monday, December 28, 2009

a game plan?

I visited a surgeon this morning, who reviewed my scans, and other tests. After 3 months (my first post about this problem is HERE)of visiting different doctors, for various reasons, but all for the same basic complaint - I may have a game plan. He explained to me that it's 80% likely that removing my gall bladder will solve my pain. There's that chance of me being in the 20%ile of people who do not get pain relief after gall bladder removal. I COULD have an ulcer, I COULD have IBS, or some type of gastro-intestinal issue. He does not feel like what I have is presenting itself in a very obvious manner, but it does fit most of the criteria for a diseased gall bladder. He was very understanding, and realizes that I'm losing my mind with this! My frustration level is pegged, and I'm tired of popping pills EVERY DAY!

He suggested I go back on the 2 meds that were previously given to me for a potential Peptic Ulcer, and said if my problems are resolved simply by taking those meds that he does NOT want to do surgery. However, if the pain still persists then I likely need my diseased gall bladder removed. That it functions at 62% makes it one of those decisions that I get to make on my own. Anything below 50% they suggest removal. It's close, and it's very likely causing me some of the discomfort I have on a regular basis.

I'm just ready to feel better. I'm ready to toss out the pill bottles. So for now, surgery is scheduled for late January.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I hope you find some answers soon. My husband had peptic ulcers which they treated. Three months later when he was still having pain they removed his gallbladder. It was a very frustrating time. Thankfully he is feeling better now. He did have some of the same gallbladder pain for several weeks but it slowly decreased.

WackyMummy said...

I hope you feel better soon, whether it's meds or surgery that does it. I know what a hard decision it is... having struggled with a similar decision. I'm sending you good thoughts for a better new year... and hopefully some pain-free days in the future! (((hugs)))

punkinmama said...

Hoping this is the answer that will provide you some relief. Will continue to pray for you and that you and the doctor will know the best way to proceed!

Hugs, my friend!

Brooke said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that you might have a game plan... I know how hard it can be to be seeing doctors and not have answers.. Late January we have two more tests for Lil Kiwi to try and figure out more..
Will continue with my prayers and thoughts for you...