Saturday, December 12, 2009


Little J and I began feeling gross last night around 5pm. His started with watery eyes, cough, chills, and fever. Around 6pm, same thing with me. We share like that.

I haven't had the flu in 7 years. In my entire life I've taken the flu vaccine 1 time, and that was when I was pregnant. When I had that vaccine I felt AWFUL for about 4 days after. My kids have had the flu mist 2 x's in the past 3 years. This year, nothing yet for either of them.
We both have had a fever all day, little J's reaching 101's even with fever reducers. His flu test was positive for type A. SO, this means it's likely H1N1. Tamiflu was prescribed, although it's proven that H1N1 is highly resistant to Tamiflu. Both of our symptoms are less then 24 hours old, and so it is worth a shot to try to shorten the duration of the flu, according to both of our doctors.

Since I have a compromised immune system, my doctors have told me to watch it with my fever. Little J can stand a fever of up to 103, according to his doctor - but for me, I can't go above 100.5. SO, we're both shoving down fever reducers, benadryl, tamiflu and running cool mist humidifiers.

Lets hope the hubs and big E don't get it.
**sidenote, the toddler is absolutely a trooper, and is playing as long as his fever is down.


WackyMummy said...

Oh no! Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care and gets lots of rest. Sending you lots of good thoughts...

punkinmama said...

Super big (((HUGS))) to you both. If it's any consolation, the Tamiflu did help Sam's symptoms go away pretty quickly. His fever came down with it and he was back to himself within a day or two.

The cough remains, but it may have turned into a sinus infection, so I have a feeling he'll be on antibiotics for that soon. le sigh