Sunday, December 20, 2009

a very decorative family gathering

Yesterday we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Snow Camp, NC. My Aunt is ABSOLUTELY the Martha Stewart of NC. Her house had 7 full size trees, 4 of them represented seasons. The tree in her master bedroom was GORGEOUS and represented fall, it was also on a spinning stand which made it magical! There were gorgeous draped garlands filled with floral inserts, ornaments and lights. Enough to make Martha Stewarts head SPIN, and my Aunt - made it ALL!!. Every ounce of her home screamed holidays, and it was such a cozy gathering. The snow outdoors just topped it off.
I was bummed that I took the wrong lens, I took our zoom lens and not the 18-55mm that takes wide angle pics. So, I made a little collage of the photos instead. I have the full size ones saved and they're gorgeous to look at, but the only tree I was able to get from top to bottom in the lens I took was the living room tree (green tree)...oh well! The day was wonderfully spent!