Friday, December 18, 2009

winter is officially here

This weekend, our first "winter" storm in the Carolina's. Looks to be a big deal, weather men are going nuts with the updates! Me, I'm sitting here in my PJ's (at 3pm, yes), sipping on something yummy and thinking of making that Potato Soup that's a big family hit.

Oh dangit!!! I have to run to Walgreens to get my frappin ink cartridge refilled. All you peeps who read this and get Christmas cards from me, they'll be late - most likely. But I did go ahead and pick a "Happy Holiday's" theme (Jennifer C, oddly we printed the EXACT same ones you did about 3 weeks ago!!) and they've been on my table to label for weeks now. I've been so scatter brained that I haven't even printed the labels, and went to do that yesterday and the ink was empty.


WackyMummy said...

Read my comment on your last post. Hope you're feeling better soon! Stay warm! I hope that something your drinking has something extra special in it. ;)