Thursday, September 6, 2007


Please tell me what mom has time to go to the school 45 min before they dismiss, specifically to get in the FRONT of the carpool line? I'd love to meet her. On the first few days of school I thought to myself " these people aren't getting here early, this is just new school year chaos'. The 2nd week of school I say that these moms are serious about carpooling! These mothers literally arrive 30+ minutes early. I can not do that!! I work from home, manage a toddler, manage a household, and drive appx 40 min ONE WAY with traffic issues to take and pick up Ezra from school. So, I humored myself today and decided to take a few pictures for blogging ... it's lame of me, I know. I have tried to arrive about 5 min earlier each day, and on this day I arrived 15 min before dismissal and ended up about 20-25th in line. There were just as many behind me as there were before me in line. The photos are in order showing what the road looks like turning in toward the school. The pictures closer to the school are not very good examples of what the situation looks like once I arrive... you turn in and wait to be directed into one of 7 'slots' to park and wait for your car rider(s). Once you pick up you're then directed to move out - a process that takes about 1,2 minutes once you actually get to the 'slots'. There's a man, the coach from Phys. Ed., who in 9 days of school has already learned most all of the vehicles and can use his walkie talkie to summons each car rider out to the loading area. I'm quite impressed with his memory. Especially that he can remember the name Ezra!! Excuse the poor photography, I was sitting in the drivers seat and didn't want to look like a creep taking pictures of Elementary Schools... just what the world needs huh?