Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Talking Hands.

Signs Signs Signs! Since about 6 months old, we've randomly incorporated sign language into Jesse’s routine learning and play. He’s mastered several ASL signs so far, with ‘help’ and ‘shoes’ being his latest additions. We don’t do signs all day long, just play and learn type teaching. He’s adapting to them quickly, it seems that he’s really in a developmental growth spurt. So far he has learned to sign milk, drink, eat, cat, dog, bird, duck, car, shoes, airplane, help, more, and book. Out of those he can SAY (in order and spelled how he says them) mil, dink, eat, cat, daoo, high pitch b sound for bird, duck, sees(shoes),aapane, no word for help, sometimes he says eat for whatever he's confused about, and booooo for book. He also says go, there (dare), bye-bye, dada, mama, Ezra, outside, bear, car.. I’m sure there’s some I’m leaving out, but that’s the most common words so far… We’re working with him on pronouncing the ending consonants – those seem to be missing on most words unless they end in ‘t’. He’s good at‘t’! Ezra does signs along with Jesse at random, and this seems to encourage Jesse even more. Both boys gab with one another each morning and afternoon in the car on the way to and from school. It's funny, because Ezra is so analytical most of the time, yet with Jesse's baby gab he seems to figure it out and just go along with it talking with correct grammar to Jesse as if Jesse will talk right back with it! Little does Ezra know, he's teaching him just by talking to him!