Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was at Walmart picking up some things, and noticed a handicap man who was missing his legs from his waist down on a wheel chair - it was one w/o a back to it, he was just literally in the middle of the parking lot. No handicap van anywhere to be found. I went in, got my things, left. Was in and out within 15-20 min tops. He was in the same place, no one around him, literally in the center of the parking lot. It was easily 90 degrees out. I had Jesse on my hip, bags in my hand, and he was appx 10 parking spots away. I watched something I rarely see. A stranger, walked up to him - asked him if he was thirsty, and brought him back 2 bottled waters. I sat in my car to watch this random act of kindness. This man was grateful. I'm assuming he was homeless. I never saw him move from the spot he was in. Only watched as he stayed in the direct sunlight, watching people come and go - never once asking for a handout, or even attempting to speak to anyone. Isn't it nice to know - there are random acts of kindness that happen? It gives hope.