Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Where's my brain??

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  • I have had about 10 hours of sleep in the past 3 days... and now, I'm paying for it with a major face breakout AND I'm getting the cold/sinus infection my son has (which is part of why I've had no sleep!!).... mommys don't get sick though, so I'm going to drink a pot of coffee to make me forget about sleep deprivation and the sore throat I have, and shoot up with Afrin to clear my nose, and I'll be good as new...

  • Our family has been in from Texas for the past week or so, and it's rained the ENTIRE time... go figure, the day they're headed back home, it is forecast to clear up and be 70!! At least they'll have a pretty day for send off and a nice trip back.

  • The tea pitcher broke and it was full... the handle just fell right off as my husband went to get it out of the fridge. Thankfully his feet weren't in the way... our floor paid the price and the faux tile has a giant gash in it now. Just another reason to replace it.... I've been wanting to extend the hardwoods from the foyer anyway - so YAY me!!

  • The downside to the tea pitcher breaking, is I've mopped that stupid floor 4 times now, and still find sticky spots.

  • Wow - something just happened and my house filled with light.... OH YEAH, that's the SUN. I forgot what it looked like - since it's been raining for 5 days straight. I could never live in Seattle.

  • I am hungry, but too tired to worry with it. So I'll drink another cup of joe.

  • Target electronic warranties rule, I got my little guy a portable DVD player 2 years ago, and bought that 19.99 3-year warranty on it... after wear and tear with a toddler for 2 years it had it, and I called, turned it in, and they sent me a giftcard for the full amount of original purchase price!! YAY!! I went today and bought another portable DVD player, this time I found one on clearance and guess what - I got home, opened up that baby and there's A BONUS DVD PLAYER!!! Two brand new ones for FREE!!! HA!!! You better bet your ars I bought another 19.99 3-year warranty on them.

  • Who ever thought of naming a medication "aciphex" had a serious sense of humor. It's a mediation for frequent reflux and heartburn... but if you're tired like me, you can't watch the commercial for ass-effects (what it sounds like) without giggling. Go HERE to watch... and yes, I need to grow up.


Christine said...

Try to sneak in a nap like I did the other day. It really works wonders!