Thursday, March 12, 2009

Think Thrifty Thursday: Spring it up edition

Today's thrifty thoughts are about spring ideas...

Need to re-mulch?? I do!! This year I plan to call my local sanitation department, and if that doesn't pan out, I will try a few tree cutting companies. Did you know that in most areas, you can get free bark mulch from your sanitation department which typically recycles yard cuttings and organic debris?? Also, companies that clear limbs around power lines usually make wood chips and give them away rather than paying for disposal. Check your local utility bill or call your local tree trimmer!!

Enjoying some outdoor fun w/ the kids?? Grab a bird identification book from the library and go out to see which ones you can spot!! The kids (toddler and up) will likely enjoy playing along!

While you're at it outdoors, grab a cheap kite at your local Walmart/Target and have alot of fun for a little bit of money! You can usually grab a kite for about 5.00 or less, and the kids love it. A kite, some bubbles, and a big blanket with a basket of snacks or sandwich's and you can have a makeshift picnic day in your own back yard!! Top it all off with some homemade icecream as a outdoor treat.

Now's a good time to get some packets of seeds and start a few flower gardens in containers or even veggies!! Last year me and the boyz grew alot in our container gardens. We had a big supply of yellow squash, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and even some strawberries!!! All in 10 gallon containers, with the right amount of drainage holes and a few rocks on the bottom for proper rooting, container gardens are a inexpensive way to enjoy a mini garden of fruit/veggies or simply flowers. My kidz really enjoyed watching them all grow into fruits and veggies.

More with kids...with the weather ups and downs, we try to have rainy day goodies set aside. We like to take a few sheets and blankets and drape them over the dining room table to make a "tent"... you can also set aside some of the "old toys" into storage bins and when you're stuck indoors then pull them out and the kids will be excited to see some things they haven't played with in a while.

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Great ideas.