Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think Thrifty Thursday - frugal is the new black

I dance a jig when I save money with coupons, and I have even been known to call a friend or two when I save a ton by using triple coupons... but it's not because I'm bragging.

I have often felt like I should just keep it to myself for not seeming like a bragger... It's evident that society places importance on material things, so it makes it harder to impress upon others the benefits of being even just a little thrifty. With todays barely surviving economy, thrifty is a little more accepted then it used to be.

I've noticed that more people are taking advantage of super double coupon days, or triple coupon days at local grocery stores. I notice spring sales at the local malls draw bigger crowds then in the days of the booming economy. There's also auto dealerships now offering "walk away with no strings" deals if you get laid off with your job during the first 12 months of your purchase of a brand new car. What major changes have you noticed since the economy has hit rock bottom? Have you or your neighbor or close friend/family been affected directly by job loss?

For us, it's been small adjustments here and there since we decided for me to stay home after the birth of our youngest. I work from home and make a modest income, but we have taken a 50k a year income hit due to job changes, and my staying home. While that sounds like a lot, we quickly learned to live within our new income without a terrible strain. Very similar to Julie over at coolmomguide, we made some changes quickly.

I ran across this article recently: Why isn't frugality more conspicuous? Thrift seems to go hand in hand with other virtues, such as modesty. In some instances, when a frugal lifestyle is forced on someone due to financial crisis, there is some embarrassment about the thrifty measures required to make ends meet. We even call these situations "financial embarrassment." Why do those who conspicuously consume make their consumption so visible? Presumably, they know that others want what they have. If you want to give frugality a positive spin, focus on the good that others want in their lives. Mention frugality and people don't immediately think of the good that results. They picture a frugal or "tight" person with tight, pursed lips, squinty eyes, wearing poor-fitting clothes. **

I think you'll be hearing alot more about being frugal. Frugal is the new black. Visit Julie at CoolMomGuide for more Thrifty Thursday.

**Thanks to for this article excerpt


Julie@Momspective said...

EXCELLENT post! I did the same with Netflix and went instead to redbox. Smart thinkin, you're a Frugal Ruler!

Bonnie said...

I couldn't agree more. I just hope it's not a trend, and more people practice many thrifty tips for life. It was common practice not too many years ago. The funny thing is that many ideas not only save you money but are "green". Great blog and enjoyed the post.