Sunday, March 1, 2009

random: rainy day activity

It's raining and it's pouring at my house.... So what's a couple of kids to do after several days of raining???

I'm headed out to buy some dry tempera paint (as long as I can get out before the SNOW comes!!) and I plan to have the kids try out this activity once I get the supplies. If you prefer not to use dry tempera paint... try some dry KoolAid packets!!

If anyone who's reading tries this activity, link me to your photo!! I'd love to see it!!

How to make Rain Art:

Step1 - Purchase dry tempera paint. Tempera paint comes as a white powder, no matter what color it is. (or KoolAid packets)

Step2 - Use large pieces of thick paper. (heavy white construction paper)

Step3 - Sprinkle different colors of the paint on the paper.

Step4 - Go out in the rain and hold the paper flat under the rain.

Step5 - Watch as the rain turns the white powder into colors and creates beautiful designs.

Step6 - Bring the paper inside before it becomes so wet that the paint washes away.

Step7 - Allow the art to dry flat and then display it.