Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - random musings

Total Randomness today...

  • What's with the people who bumrush your rear end at a stoplight only to realize they have parked right on top of train tracks... where there are clearly marked solid white lines you're supposed to stay behind?? I had a woman do this to me last night and she honked her horn in effort to have me move forward so she could get around me instead of being parked like a dummy on the tracks... unfortunately for her, the Hummer that was in front of me had an attachment on the bumper that prevented me from being able to move forward. Eventually the constant road rage honking raked my nerves so bad (long stoplight) that I rolled down my window and poked my head out so that she and her passenger could hear me and told her that there was no way I could move, and suggested maybe she back up past the white line. Then I realized she was clearly older then me... so shouldn't she know the rules of driving??
  • My 3yo wanted to take a bath and it's only 1030am... so, ok. He's in the bath :) It's overcast outside, so might as well... I may follow in his lead during his nap and take a long one myself!!
  • My cat was just sleeping with her entire head tucked under her neck in between her front legs. I tried to catch a picture of her, but sure enough she heard me.
  • I think I may make soup today.
  • I need to do laundry too.
  • Never really thought I'd say this... but I totally love Miley Cirus's new hit The Climb ... when I was in my car yesterday I was thinking about my brother and it hit an emotion and I just sat and cried to the lyrics. Amazing song for such a young girl. The lyrics can relate to so many people and so many situations.
  • On a less serious note, I wonder when the people who destroyed my yard are going to really "get it" that I'm not paying that bill?? Got another in the mail today. You can read about that HERE and HERE if you aren't familiar... and see pictures of the wonderful work HERE. Thanks to my local King Green experts... I still have mud tracks in my yard... and those plugs that they said would "dissolve" in a few WEEKS are still scattered randomly in my yard. But what do I know...?? I'm not bitter.
  • My 3yo just got out of the bath... what did he say to me?? Him: "I have penis." me: "yes, yes you have penis." And with that folks, I'm gonna close this edition of RTT. Thanks for humoring me by reading.

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Julie@Momspective said...

What's awesome is that I know and don't miss the tracks you're talking about. I miss you though, see you Thursday! Breakfast is on me!

Anne said...

Anytime anyone in my house requests to take a bath, I am all for it. Bath time is too much of an argument. Good luck with the soup. I would love to make some, but no one in my house would eat it. Have a great day!

Elle said...

I was thinking of making cookies today, but the nap idea sounds better. I'll just let that butter soften a little bit longer!

Margo said...

perfectly fine people turn into demons in the privacy of their cars. It's so weird... most people would never act like anywhere else in public. I was surprised how much I liked Miley Cyrus's new song too.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

My son is two and keeps telling me "No poop!" while patting his butt. He is already fascinated with his penis, so I am sure he will soon be telling them this news as well.

I'll have to go back and find out what happened to the yard. you have intriqued me. Or intrigued me, as it should be spelled.

Simply AnonyMom said...

What a freakazoid in the car! PSYCHO!

So sorry they trashed your yard. It looks so sad.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

When I saw your blog name I had to click. I wasn't disappointed! Great random thoughts!

Keely said...

Wow, those are some awful tracks. So sorry you had that experience!

I often wish for a quickly-programmable scrolling sign in my car window. So I can make it say things like, "Dude, you have to PAY ME to crawl that far up my ass".

Mrsbear said...

I swear I have such a fear of getting nailed by a train, I never stop on the tracks. Absolutely her fault for thinking she could squeeze by.

My kids would spend all day in the tub if they could, but then they'd come out like little prunes.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I've enjoyed my visit to your blog; older drivers used to frustrate me as well...until I became one. I'm slowing down, my reflexes aren't as good, my eyesight and hearing aren't quite as good and I find, sometimes, I do stupid things. I try to be as gentle with other people as I want them to be with me. It's a frosty world and I like to think we're, most of us anyway, trying as hard as we can.